July 20, 2024

C Map is one of the best inventions for navigation on the sea and marine area. Everyone who loves to travel or fishing on the sea needs this installed in their ship navigation system. It becomes more important if you have a business in this field. Therefore, it is necessary to get the best C-MAP chart that provides all information that you need. The best C-MAP should have at least these features, so you will get the benefits from it.

Harbor Charts 

Make sure the C-MAP has detailed harbor charts. This information will give you detailed information about the marine port location that you can use to plan your cruise. The port you can find through this feature is not only a place where you can stop and have a rest. They also are essential to refill your ship’s fuel. You will need it for long-distance travel.

Tides and Currents Information

The tides and currents information provide the current condition of the water level and tides direction. You get not only a real-time update of the condition. But, it also gives you a prediction of the current flow and weather. Moreover, the C-MAP with this feature also has colored graphs and direction arrows. It is valuable information for navigation on the open sea as well as to plan your fishing activity.

Contours Information

C-MAP must also have detailed and complete area contours information. There are at least three things that you must get from the map you get. First of all, find the C-MAP with a high-resolution Bathymetry Layer. This feature provides depth contour information. You will need it for navigation and keep it on your control screen.

The PCHD Precision Survey Contours are also an essential feature you must get. It is the precise and accurate contour mapping. You can even zoom in on it to get even a detailed image of the contours map. This feature also allows you to see the contour map in detail even if you use the wide zoom level.

Custom Depth Shading is also another contours feature that you will need. You can use it to mark the specific target for a specific depth range. It will be useful for fishing activities.

Easy Routing

The easy Routing feature allows you to create the shortest and safest route for your ship to travel. You can create it manually, but that will take a lot of time. However, with a proper C-MAP system, it will automatically create the route based on the contour information and map database. It saves more time to get the best route to reach your destination.


Therefore, make sure you get the best quality C Map for your ship and cruising activity. It will shorten the time you need to reach the destination. More importantly, you also will get the safest route that you can take and avoid the accident that can happen in the future. Combine the map with your experience and knowledge; you will get the best experience with your ship on the sea.