April 24, 2024

A hot tub cover is a crucial tool because it protects your hot tub from dirt, dust, and other problems. This product can keep the performance of the hot tub last longer. Indeed, you also have to take care of the hot tub cover. The tips for hot tub cover care below helps to keep it moisturized and fabulous even after a few years.

Wash the Hot Tub Cover 

You should wash the cover regularly. Use cool water and a garden hose to rinse the cover. It is okay to apply cleaner products, but ensure that the products have pH neutral and non-foaming. laundry detergents, abrasives, alcohol, and dish soaps are not recommended to use.

These products will remove the topcoat and premature vinyl issues. Gently wipe the cover after rinsing it with water. Rinse again to clean the cleaner product and sticky dirt. Wait until the cover is completely dry before using it to cover your hot tub.

Protect the Hot Tub Cover 

Use a dry towel or a spa cover if you put a hot tub outside. This trick is effective enough to protect your hot tub cover, especially in the rainy season. You can also apply protective cleaners on the cover. Spray the cleaner on the surface of the cover and clean it with a soft cloth.

Remember to apply the cleaner on seams or low spots that puddle water except the inside of the hot tub cover. Ensure that you don’t use oil-based cleaners. You can also protect a hot tub cover by using a plastic tarp. Always keep the cover dry and away from direct sunlight. This protection is not only effective in the rainy season but also in snowy or hot seasons.

Keep the Hot Tub Cover Dry 

Keeping the cover dry will longer the lifespan. Take the cover off from the hot tub and unzip the zippers to let the cover dry for a few hours. Ensure that you do this on a nice or cloudy day. Too hot direct sunlight will damage the cover.

A dry cover will be lighter than a wet cover. A dry cover is also effective enough to prevent a mildew smell. It happens because the water from the hot tub slowly soaks into the cover. The longer the water soaks in the cover, the stronger the mildew smell.

Repair any Problem Immediately

You would better repair any problem on the cover immediately. The vinyl often tears, the seams can open, the foam can’t hold water anymore after a few years. Check the problem and fix it right away. The earlier you fix the problem, the better. A small problem that you don’t fix affects other parts. As a result, the damage is even worse than you can imagine.

So, covering your hot tub with a cover is crucial, but you also have to take care of the hot tub cover well. Knowing how to take care of a hot tub cover can prevent any problems during the maintenance process. Best of all, you can use the cover and the hot tub lasts longer. Those who are looking for hot tub covers can visit Northern Hot Tub Covers official website.