April 23, 2024

Mostly, SEO service offers help for a company or business to get a good position on Google search engine page. Therefore, we also can say that they are experts in using Google for SEO purposes. Because of that, you may want to know if you can get certification from Google. Is there a real Google Certified SEO expert

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Google never has or offers SEO certification. However, if you want to be an SEO expert, you can still get the certification for a different part of the service from Google. Here, we will cover all of those Google services where you can get the certification that you need.

  1. Google AdWords Certification

Google AdWords SEO certification is a program that allows you to master the technique to advertise through AdWords service from Google. To get the certification for this service, you should pass the AdWords Fundamentals exams. Then, take and pass one of the AdWords exams as well. Once you get the certification, you can put it on your website to increase your credibility.

  1. Google Analytics Certification

This certification is part of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Program. In this program, you get training and classes about planning and principle, implementation and data collection, and many more. Of course, after that, you should take the Google Analytics Certification exam. To pass this exam, you need to get at least an 80% passing score.

This certification is one of the difficult and complex courses you can take. Once you get the certification, you have started your journey as a Google Certified SEO expert. Moreover, this skill is needed in today’s business world, where companies depend heavily on internet marketing.

  1. Mobile Sites Certification

From its name, you can guess what kind of certification you can get from this program. Yes, it is a certification to manage and optimize a mobile version of a website. Currently, Google has included the mobile site data in its algorithm to determine the value of a website. Therefore, this certification is surely needed.

  1. Digital Sales Certification

Google provides this SEO certification program for you who want to learn and master the technique of online advertising and sales skills. It is one of the cores of the SEO techniques that many SEO companies use today. With this skill, you will be able to create SEO content that has more impact and marketing power. This course also helps you to measure the effectiveness of the Google digital solution selling activity.

  1. Google Developer Certification

This certification program is for you who want to get proper skills in developing web or mobile apps for various Google platforms. With so many usages of apps on mobile devices, this certification boosts your value and service quality.


Even though Google doesn’t provide any certification for SEO, you can still take that certification that we mentioned above. All products in that certification are Google’s products. Therefore, once you master and pass all those certification programs, you can call yourself a Google Certified SEO expert