May 24, 2024

Maine Coon maybe is one of the most popular cat breeds, because of its cute and calm appearance. One of the attractive parts of this cat is its color. Most of the Colors of Maine Coon consist of two types of color. However, you also can find a breed that only has one color. Black is one of them.

Is Black Maine Coon Rare?

Black is one of the rarest Maine Coon colors, especially pure black. It means that the cat doesn’t have any speck of other colors on its fur. To get this fur color, the parents of black Maine Color must be purebred with the dominant black color gene. And, to find the purebred parents for this cat is very difficult because it has been crossbred to get various colors that you can find these days.

The true black Maine Coon has three layers of fur that all of them are black. Some tabby-type Maine Coon also have the black color type, but it is not as pure as the true black one. Therefore, if you could encounter one of the true black Maine Coon that would be a very lucky moment in your journey as cat lovers.

People in the past were afraid of the black cat because they saw it as a sign of bad luck. However, this superstition and mindset have faded away. Therefore, many people, especially cat lovers, like black cats, and try to find them, especially the true black Maine Coon.

Types of Black Maine Coon

There are two main types of black Maine Coon. Each of them has a unique characteristic that you can enjoy.

–       Black Smoke Maine Coon – this type has no solid black fur color. It has a bit of grey and white fur mixed with its dominant black fur color. The darkest part mostly appears on the face, chin, and neck area.

–       Solid Black Maine Coon – this one is the rarest black Maine Coon. It has all black fur. So, if you want to buy this cat, make sure you check its fur color from the root to the tips. The real one doesn’t have any other colors on those parts.

As you can see, black is one of the beauties of the Maine Coon cat. If you love this breed, you should try to own one. This type of cat has a beautiful appearance and magical vibe that you might never find in other Maine Coon colors.