The Many Designs Of Corner Entertainment Centers To Choose From

If you need an entertainment center that can be easily fitted into the corner of your room, you may be thinking that you do not have many options at your disposal.

This is however far from the truth as entertainment furniture of this nature can be found in many different styles to suit any room. Here are a few designs you may be interested in buying for your corner entertainment furniture.

Armoire – Believe it or not, but corner entertainment center can actually be found designed as armoires. With this design you can choose to close off or hide your television set with folding doors. When the television set is in use, the doors can easily be folded backwards to reveal the beautiful picture. These are designed with the television at the top of the storage compartments. You should be able to find armoires with separate doors for the television and shelves, and some with full length doors.

Cabinet – These are designed so that the television set is in the middle and shelves are either above or below the television and in some cases both. These would not allow the television to be enclosed but work as great options for storage.

Entertainment Walls – If you just want your television to be situated in the corner, but would also like to have shelves running along the wall, this would be a great option. It would work best with persons who have a lot of space but like the idea of the television being in the corner.

Corner Stands – These are the most basic types and simplest in design. They are made to hold the TV on top and have a few shelves below. Nevertheless even these can be found with various designs to make them unique and still stand out.

These corner entertainment centers can also be found made with different materials like glass, hardwood, and metal. Also you can find them in different designs to bring off a classic, modern, contemporary, rustic or traditional look.

You will also find them in different colours like white, black, brown, dark brown and so on. Some even have coloured metals to help add life and colour to your room.

Reasons To Choose A Corner TV Stand For Your Room

Fitting furniture into a room with little space can be very difficult. However, instead of sacrificing your room the joy and beauty of having a flat screen TV, consider buying a TV stand that can fit in the corner. Below are a few benefits of doing so:

The Shape – You will find that majority of the TV stands available are rectangular in shape and may even require more space than necessary for holding your television.

However a corner TV stand is designed to be squarer at the front and compact at the back, and thus require less space. This also makes them fit perfectly into any corner.

Storage – Corner stands also offer many options for storage. You can find stands with shelves below the area designed for the television, and even stands with additional shelves above. Not to mention the deep recess created by the compact shape in the back means a lot of space for you. Also you can find stands with doors in case you want to keep your accessories out of site.

Many Styles to Choose From– Just like other types of flat screen TV stands, corner stands can be found in many designs, colours and made from different material. This therefore means that stands can be found to suit any decor you have. They can also be found in different sizes to fit in just about any room, being made from glass and metal, and also wood.

The only problem that persons tend to have with these stands is the location of the power plug. If you have your power plug located close to a corner, you will be just fine.

However, in most homes power plugs are situated in the middle. Having to stretch cords from the corner to the middle may be unsightly and also unsafe. This problem can however be easily solved by having an electrician install a power plug close to the corner.

If you are having a problem with space, go ahead and get yourself the corner stand that you love. It will be sure to keep your television set safe while leaving you with ample space to enjoy your room.