May 24, 2024

The major problems of a plumbing system do not happen immediately. Usually, they start with a small drip from your faucet, unnoticed debris, or food clogging in your drains, hidden leaks that slowly corrode your plumbing pipes, and unstable water pressure.

These problems are hard to detect by the homeowners. They might seem fine and working well at first, but invisible leaks that are unknown might be happening inside. It is best to have them checked and hire a professional plumber to help you spot the problem early on.

Today, let us discuss the following plumbing details that should have an annual inspection:

Water heater

There are different kinds of water heaters available in the market and installed in every home. All of them have unique features that need a special checkup to avoid a serious problem. It is highly important that water heaters’ common issues are correctly identified by a professional plumber to treat them right.


As one of the busiest parts of the plumbing system, several problems can happen to toilets that can cause inconvenience for a time. Nobody wants to experience a running toilet, flooded bathroom floor, overflowed toilet, loosen connections, and broken tank.

An annual inspection can provide the homeowners the peace of mind and rest from toilet flood repair, and other problems in the future. Make sure to always observe the red flags of possible leaks or clogging. Do not ignore them and be wise enough to book an inspection visit annually regardless of the home’s fine appearance.

Water pressure

Imagine, you and your family are in a hurry for an important event, then while taking a shower, you notice that it takes forever to fill up your tub or the water from the shower is dripping so slow. Well, it happens in many homes and families. Fortunately, this can be avoided if you are able to detect the issue early on.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are the main parts of every home’s plumbing system. It connects the water supply to every room that is necessary for personal hygiene, cooking, drinking, and cleaning. Ignoring its health condition will surprise you with stress and worry given that it is hidden and made from a certain kind of material. Owning a home is wonderful but maintaining it is a rewarding responsibility.

Regardless of a house’s age, damages and problems can still occur. A newly built home might have installed new pipes that it is made to last. Make sure to check the visible pipes, too. Leaks are sometimes signs of hidden trouble in your plumbing system.


Regardless of how modern your faucets are, leaks and damages happen anytime. Aside from leaks, rust, low-quality material, and accidents are common causes of faulty faucets. You can do regular cleaning and checkup before or after using them and see if there is any sign of damage and leaks.


Drains serve as an important part of your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas where waters are accessible. Clogged drains are commonly caused by food leftovers, debris, fallen hair, dirt, and used oil. Slow drain indicates that there is a clog inside. Homeowners can DIY the clearing procedure but plumbing experts can provide more accurate diagnoses and solutions.

Final Wrap

As you can see, an annual inspection is worth it and cost-effective. It will allow the homeowners to predict the possible major troubles and prevent them from happening through the help of licensed plumbers. If you worry about the cost of an annual inspection, think about how much you will save because you were able to plan for the repair and replacements. Professional plumbers can help you narrow down the causes and see the health condition of your plumbing system.