March 22, 2023

The problem of having a house—beside its maintenance and tax—is, of course, the decoration. This problem gets complication for people who can easily be bored with their home decoration. Well, maybe a little atmosphere change with a little aesthetical sense of touch is all that they need. You don’t want to buy a new house whenever you are boring with your recent house, do you?

A change of theme and image of your house is maybe needed. For example, if you want to get a house with a natural atmosphere, you just need a little change. First, you can change your furniture with classical ones. For the wall house, you can change a side of your wall room with glass rooms. This is for a natural view from outside that you can enjoy whenever you are spending your precious moment with your family.
On your back yard, may be you can add an additional roof like awnings in case of you want to spend your spare time outside while enjoying a cup of coffee. You can also hold an outdoor party like barbeque or beer night. If you want to be the additional roof portable, you can unpack it whenever the party is over. You just need angle grinders to dismantle it.