March 22, 2023

If you often sit all day for work, using an ergonomic office chair is highly recommended. This type of office chair is designed based on the ergonomics of the human body. The back of the chair features a back cushion, preventing your back from hurting even if you sit for a long time. You can sit with natural positions on this office chair so that you will not get stiff shoulders or back pain. If you are looking for a comfy ergonomic office chair, consider choosing Odinlake Ergonomic Ergo Pro Office Chair. In this article, we will give a quick review of the product.

Why Odinlake Ergo Pro Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair can last for 10 years, which is a much longer life span compared to most other office chairs on the market. It is all thanks to the engineering-grade constructure. Odinlake Ergo Pro can also support a lifespan of 35,000 cycles since it is equipped with class 3 as well as BIFAMA certified gas lift. Moreover, all the structural parts of this ergonomic office chair use polymer materials, meaning it will not lose elasticity and will not be oxidized for 10 years.

This product is comfortable and supportive, thanks to the extra-thickened seat cushion. It can fully support the weight of your body so that your body is evenly stressed. Moreover, Odinlake does not miss the quality details. They pay great attention to the details of the structure. For example, the wheels will not damage the floor and the 3D armrests are made of soft PU leathers, making it comfortable to touch.

Moreover, the fabric is textured, smooth, evenly stretchy, and totally breathable. The Odinlake Ergonomic Office Chair is made of premium materials only. It features a very elastic, high-density sponge, making it ideal for daily use. The fabric is high-quality, durable, elastic, and skin friendly. It promotes sustainable development of earth-friendly materials.

Features of Odinlake Ergo Pro Office Chair

∙         Flexible Adjustment: The height, back recline, seat cushion, and armrest are all adjustable, supporting the most of postures, either you are working or resting.

∙         Built-In Footrest: The ergonomic office chair features a built-in footrest under the seat that you can pull out. Use this footrest and adjust the chair back, and you will have a recline chair.

∙         German Chassis: The product meets the highest requirements of the office chair industry. It features a 3mm-thick base steel plate, which is qualified with the US BIFMA X5.1-2017 standard.