May 24, 2024

Many people have limited knowledge about how Amish people do in their life. Some of us even think that Amish people didn’t pay taxes. The truth is they have similar obligations to other citizens. They pay taxes, all kinds of taxes similar to what we pay. This kind of problem happens a lot because there is no reliable source where we can learn more about Amish people. However, we have found a website where you can get everything that you need to know about Amish. It is called What we can find on this website?

Amish History

You can read the short article about Amish’s history. The owner of the website wrote a quite compact and easy to understand article that describes many important points in the Amish’s history. You will know many things about this group of people from this short article.

Amish Belief and Faith

Maybe, this topic is the most interesting topic that most of us want to know. You also can find information about this topic. There are many things you can find, such as their holiday, ceremonies, the order, and many others. In short, you can easily know what these people believe.

Amish Life

You also can learn more about how these people live. It includes the location where they build the house and community, the education they take, and the daily life in an Amish family. This kind of information is difficult to obtain.

As one of the secluded communities, even though they are more open these days, finding out how they live is one of the difficult tasks to do. Therefore, The Amish Schoolhouse is very helpful regarding this matter. They provide information that they got from a close relationship with Amish people. So, we can say that everything you can get from them is pretty much accurate and trustable.

Amish Government

Most of us don’t know what is inside the Amish community. For example, there is something that looks like a government. This organization or system monitors and sets the rule on how the people in the community live. They also have a significant role in many other aspects that support the community.

We can find many interesting things from this topic. For example, Amish people aren’t interested in politics. Therefore, they never vote or do anything politically-related. Only a few numbers of people in the community do that. However, most Amish people keep the pacifism principle of their life that doesn’t match the political system.

The Foods

This topic is our favorite topic. The Amish Schoolhouse provides a lot of information about the recipe that Amish people cook in their everyday meals. You also can try that recipe at your house. You can at least experience the daily life of Amish people in the easiest possible way.

Those are only small amounts of information about Amish people you can find at If you want to know more about Amish people and community, visit that website and read all the information there.