May 24, 2024

Processing a divorce is time, energy, and money-consuming. Most couples want to accomplish the process immediately. The good news is that you can divorce in only 3 days now. The information below explains how to divorce immediately.

Apply for an Uncontested Divorce

Both of you should apply for an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce means that both parties stipulate and agree on the separation date. In this case, both of you should be separated within 356 days if you have kids.

If it is not, you can request an uncontested divorce after separating for 180 days. Ensure that both of you agree to sign all documents to obtain the final Judgment of Divorce. You will get the result within 10 to 14 days.

Finish Your Divorce Online

Accomplishing the process online is the way to divorce immediately. You don’t need to worry about the documents you should notarize because you can also do it online. The online notary process even gives more benefits.

Imagine that the process to notarize the documents only takes 15 minutes. You can also do the process anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is prepare your IDs and a computer with stable internet connectivity and good audio and video quality. Indeed, the process is safe and secure.

Apply for a Rush Divorce

How to divorce immediately if the condition can’t be controlled anymore? One of the alternatives is applying for a rush divorce. It is one of the categories of uncontested divorce. This service provides you with a lawyer within 48 hours.

You can consult with your lawyer via telephone, online, or face to face. Then, they will ask you to submit all documents for processing the divorce and pay the invoice. The lawyer will process your divorce only within 24 hours once you and your couple sign all the documents. That’s it! Both of you are legally divorced. You often get the Judgment of Divorce as little as 3 days.

Complete the Eligibility

You have to complete the eligibility to apply for an uncontested divorce. It is the way to divorce immediately with your couple. A specific service, such as Quick Divorce Now provides you with online eligibility checking.

You only have to mention where you live, whether both of you have been separated for at least 180 days or 365 days or not, and whether your spouse agrees to sign all divorce documents or not. The team will process your uncontested or rush divorce once you are eligible for taking a fast divorce. Now, you know how to divorce immediately.