April 24, 2024

You are visiting ricambibagno.it to buy a new faucet cartridge. But, there are too many options there. You don’t know which one you should buy. That’s a normal thing. And, we don’t recommend you to choose any cartridge that you think is the best one. Choosing the wrong cartridge will only give you more problems. For that reason, we have the guide below that will help you to find the type of cartridge that matches your faucet.

The Airport and Conference Center Construction Cartridges

This cartridge is the right choice for you who want to get the easy-to-maintain faucet over the years. You will get three benefits from this type of cartridge, which is:

  • The ability to control the water flow with a simple turn of the faucet handle,
  • Its ability to stop the flow of water completely by following the water flow, which can prolong its lifespan,
  • It is also easy to replace.

Choosing this cartridge is the best thing you can do to save more money. Moreover, it also has a self-lubricated O-ring and seat, which allow it to work without fail. Of course, when it gets damaged because of time or other factors, this design allows you to do that easily. You don’t need a help from professional to replace it.

The Ceramic Cartridge

This is the cartridge type that you can find a lot in an office or hotel. This faucet cartridge uses a ceramic disc and brass sleeves. The ceramic and brass allow it to work for a long time with stable performance. If your faucet has hot and cold water mode, the ceramic cartridge is also the best choice. This material can survive the exposure of the two different temperatures without affecting its quality and performance.

The things you need to remember are once the ceramic faucet cartridge is broken or damaged, you cannot fix it. You have to replace it with a new cartridge. But, mostly, the design is easy to replace. So, you won’t have any problem with it.

Cartridge with Cross-Flow Prevention Features

The cross-flow prevention feature allows it to make the flow of the water run smoothly without any obstacle even during the change from hot to cold mode. This kind of faucet cartridge can be found in restaurants and other food and beverage business places. Even though it is specialized for business, you also can use it for your house faucet.

The benefits of using this faucet cartridge are many. But, the most beneficial thing you can get from it is you save more money for paying your bills. It optimizes the water usage and energy that you use to heat the water. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed by choosing this type.


Those are three types of faucet cartridges that you can choose to replace your old one. There are many more at ricambibagno.it. But, for starters, you can choose one of those three types as they will give you the best benefits and performance. Once you know more about what you want to do with your cartridge, you can try to find the other types.